The Ministry Team
Engages, Empowers and Equips
the people of God at 
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
to do the Ministry that Christ has called us to do in the community and the world!

Shari Momi


  Our talented musician who empowers the congregation to sing songs and praises to the Lord with Joy and Enthusiasm! She brings a wealth of experience as a lifelong student of music which she shares with the congregation as well as her music students as she prepares them to perform superbly at recitals and competitions. 


Rev. Dr. Christopher Lindstrom, Pastor

    Pastor Chris loves Jesus more than anything else in the world. He is blessed to be supported by his angelic wife Venice of 28 years along with their two children.  He considers it an honor and privilege to serve Christ in His Church. He thanks God every day for the opportunity to serve Christ by serving others. He has a passion for Jesus the Christ and is full of  the Lord's compassion and desires that everyone he meets will have an opportunity to say yes to the invitation to be in relationship with Jesus.  He brings the Grace, Love,  and Joy of Christ to every aspect of his life and  hopes that the Christian Church throughout the world would live out its deep rooted passion for Jesus every day.  (See Pastor Chris's Life, Death and Resurrection Story on the "Faith Stories" page of this website.)

Dedicated Volunteers

The volunteers of Good Shepherd are the heart and soul of the ministry. 

They are the individuals  who are equipped to engage and empower

the friends and members of Good Shepherd and the surrounding community.

The Vision and Mission Council Leadership
Sherry Lear President
Joshua D. Karnes: Vice President
Janice Grundeman Secretary
Carolyn Bohm: Financial Secretary
Barbara Thomas: Treasurer