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San Pedro CA


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Worship Time: Sunday  9:30 AM

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Church on the

“Church on the Go!”

Purpose and Objective:
*  “Church on the Go!” has a mission focused on striving to be as vibrant as

Jesus presented himself and inviting the participants to share in Jesus’ vibrancy.
* Letting the Jesus Story that is in each of us to be shared with others, 

by learning to live authentic, creative, caring, and empathetic lives.

* “Church on the Go!” is modeled after Jesus’ ministry.
Jesus went where the people were

before they started coming to where he was.

* Church on the Go will serve as a community connected to the larger

community of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. (GSLC)

* The format of the gathering will have a design similar to the Biblical ‘Clan’ model.

The model of the ‘Biblical Clan’ provides for the two communities to see themselves as one, yet distinct in how they proclaim the gospel, worship, and fellowship.

* GSLC’s traditional ministries will be able to embrace Church on the Go and vice versa as they work symbiotically toward the following goals:
i. Connecting Church on the Go with the mainline portion of the

worshiping & fellowshipping community of GSLC.
ii. Reaching others with the Gospel Message of Jesus the Christ.
iii. Empowering the participants in the gathered

Christian Community to grow in Faith.

iv. Enabling the community to share their Faith with others
v. Equipping the community to build up the body of Christ

and increase the ‘Faith Clan’ for Christ.
vi. Being present with others as Christ was and is present with His Church today.
vii. Caring as Christ cared for the disenfranchised.

Commencement Date is set for: February 18, 2018 at 3:00 PM. 

(Check Calendar page of website or tweets & instagram for updates.)
a.  We are preparing potential locations and persons who may be interested in participating in “Church on the Go!”
b. We will use social media (website, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc...) as well as word of mouth to invite individuals to participate in our startup Mission.
c. The setting of the first initial meeting location is Cabrillo Beach, having a campfire, emulating how Jesus gathered the first disciples by the seashore of Galilee.
d. Participants will be invited to text, email, Snapchat, Tweet,

concepts, ideas, & topics for the upcoming weeks.
e. Each week we will meet in different locations.
f. It is the intent to meet each week at different locations and hopefully in individual homes. The gathering will provide a Faith-Based Theme addressing current issues in the lives of the participants, discussion, prayer, activity, other….

The goal is to have the “Church on the Go!” participants worship at Good Shepherd once a month with a ‘Koinonia’ Meal (community potluck meal),

celebrating the 'Last Supper Meal' as Jesus reminded us to do when we gather together in His name and have a time for planning for

 future meetings, locations, and themes.

This would preferably be scheduled for the last Sunday of the month.